Fund FAQ

Bring your nightmares to reality with FEAR!


> Which geographical locations are covered by this fund?
UK & global film makers can apply.
> Are there any minimum requirements for the short film?
  • The short film must be at least 5 minutes in length.
  • The filmmaker and/or main producer must own the full rights in their entirety to all aspects of the proposed screenplay, including, but not limited to, the story and characters.
  • Each short film submitted needs to function as a standalone piece of narrative, but also have a demonstratable path of how it could be expanded into a feature project to excite FEAR fans.
> What information do I need to submit in the application process?
You need to provide us with the following...

  • The finished screenplay for the short project.
  • A budget document detailing the proposed line-by-line expenditure. This can be in Excel or Google Sheets format.
  • Your proposed production schedule.
  • An investment pack and/or 'look book'.
  • A clear plan on how you would convert your short concept into a feature film.
  • Any other documents you have to support your application are very welcome.
What are the film maker commitments for receiving the funds?
  • Film makers who are funded for their short film production agree that if the FEAR community vote to fund a feature film version of the short, they will commit to producing the full film with FEAR. This is agreed to up front before any funding is alloted.
  • Furthemore film makers are obliged to also work with FEAR on integrating NFT's for any feature that is voted on.
  • The distribution rights to the short film itself are owned by FEAR and the short film will air exclusively on the FEAR Horror Hub platform. FEAR will allow films to be aired offline at film festivals to help promote the film in film industry.
  • A fair list of commitments from both FEAR and the film maker will be covered in further conversations upon successful selection of a film makers short film proposal.
> What is the maximum I can receive for my short film?
We will fund a short film to a maximum budget of $10,000
> Do I need an existing portfolio to apply?
No, but an existing portfolio of work really helps us assess your potential for creating imaginative and quality horror films.

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