FEAR Films was first incepted back in December 2020 as part of the original FEAR brand. "Your worst nightmares tokenised" is a vision we have never shifted from. We are one of the first platforms to tokenise films and the first to usher in interactivity of films into Web3.

fear film about us

Horror is the most creative genre in the whole of TV and film, yet it is terribly under funded given the success of titles produced by indie horror makers. Fans are crying out for fresh content from film makers and FEAR is here to bring new nightmares to the silver screen.

The Independent Horror Society

The Independent Horror Society has played a very supportive and key role in exposing our vision to the UK market and it's film makers. Now we are ready to take FEAR's film aspirations global in partnership with them.

Through the FEAR Incubation fund we are looking to provide real opportunities to new film directors and producers to make their own unique nightmares a reality and allow their fans to own such creations directly.